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Bus Planner


Bus Planner is not just another vehicle fleet logistics system. It includes functionalities such as passenger management, delay prediction and route allocation with the use of A.I. tools that boost production while minimizing human errors.

Bus planner is not just another routing software.
BusPlanner is a bus fleet management system that handles bus hiring company logistics. The main inovation of BusPlanner is that supports intelligent timetable generation optimised to reduce trip expenses while at the same time improving quality of service.

A brief view of the main features of the system…
Logistics administration
  • Manage client information
  • Manage economic transactions
  • Manage bus fleet assets
  • Manage fuel logistics
  • Bus hiring trip management


Trip request management that includes
  • Pickup stop management
    • Easy route creation
    • Automate artificial intelligent timetable generation
  • Assisted timetable generation with A.I. evaluation feedback
  • Live GPS monitoring of running bus trips  with intelligent time delay prediction
  • Intelligent live rescheduling of running bus trips
  • Online bus tracking map
    • Live supervision
    • Revision track visuallisation system, for completed trips